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Google Drive Has Arrived, Big Brother Getting Bigger!

Diagram showing overview of cloud computing including Google, Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Zoho, Longjump and WorkXpress (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Google Drive suddenly popped up on my Google mail as I was busy writing. Always curious, I downloaded it and couldn't believe what I saw: suddenly, in about a minute or less, everything that I had ever stored on my computer was up there, inside of that neat-looking icon file called Google Drive. It sat on my computer's desktop and was reachable from my Gmail, making available everything I ever wrote, every picture I ever took, every video I ever made for any other of my devices as I travel around, my mobile phone included!

Google Docs has become Google Drive. Now I can attach directly to any mail any doc I have on my computer.

And if I wanted to, I could send up to 10 GB attachments to my Google Drive - that's 400 times larger than what Gmail previously allowed. No need for extra storage space in the Cloud, Google has thou…

The Future of Publishing: Should Publishers Be Afraid of Amazon??

Image Welcome New Hires! (Photo credit: Will Merydith)Has Amazon really grown into a dangerous book-selling colossus and is that why traditional publishers should merge to defend themselves? Some people argue that the Penguin and Random House merger is coming too late. Apple's "agency model", following price fixing investigations, has gone out the window, or at least it has "softened". As a result, they argue, it's game over, Amazon has won.

Too late? Game over? Yes, surely mergers could have started happening sooner but Time in legacy publishing is famously slow (it takes publishers on average 2 years to come out with a new book...) But I would argue that it's a physiologically sound move, one long awaited perhaps, but the right move all the same.

As soon as the Digital Revolution got going, there was talk that the Big Six would start merging and that you'd soon get the Big Five, then the Big Four etc ending perhaps with only the Big Three or Bi…

Human Trafficking: What YOU Can Do to Stop it!

A human trafficking awareness poster from the Canadian Department of Justice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) People for sale in Canada? Not just Canada, people are for sale everywhere! Slavery in the form of human trafficking is one of the most profitable businesses in the world...and most despicable. For years, one of the major figures in American journalism, Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times columnist led a personal battle against modern day slavery. He recently wrote an opinion piece (see here) trying to, as he puts it, "giving voice to the voiceless". Victims don't dare to speak up. And if you don't speak up loudly, politicians don't listen.

To be a human rights activist is an UPHILL battle!

In that piece, he reports on how President Obama's landmark speech against modern slavery on 25 September (before the Clinton Global Initiative, see article below) was met by shrugs from "many of us in the news media". Why?  Because "it didn’t fit into the…

If Obama Wins, Will America Go the Way of Spain and Italy?

English: Southern Europe, feeling red with anger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)With Obama as President, America will go the way of Spain and Italy. That's what Romney just said, earning the ire and justified contempt of both Italian and Spanish citizens. The media here in Italy is full of angry headlines, including the Sole 24 Ore, a highly respectable rightist business paper (something like the Italian Financial Times).  Is Romney really so desperate for votes that he needs to insult two ancient European countries that have always been loyal allies of America? 

Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)
During the last debate with Obama, I had noticed that Romney mentioned how the Obama government spending would lead America straight into a situation like Greece's. At the time, that was picked up by few people: presumably, the American electorate of Greek descent is not very large and the remark passed (nearly) unnoticed. But this time, he really put his foot in it, this is BIG!…