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Three Tips for a Successfull Book Trailer

Ever wondered what makes for a successful book trailer?

Consider this one:

(To purchase book, it's available on Amazon, click here)
Like the trailer? It's really very simple - no actors, no special scenes, just music and images. Done by a young talented film maker, Magda Olchawska, for my book, it doesn't cost much (check costs out here on Magda's website - less than two hundred dollars if you provide your own photos as I did since the paintings are my own).

That experience - it took me several months to figure out the kind of trailer I wanted and I did a lot of research around the Internet - has taught me a few things about book trailers and I wanted to share with you what I learned.

The starting point for an effective trailer? The reader! Yes, you've got to get his/her attention, and fast! You've got about 10 seconds to draw them in. And that means you need to know exactly who you are writing for. And you should NEVER bore them - keep them interested so they see …

Boomer Lit is Live on Facebook!

Boomer literature, a genre born for boomers, is now on the Net: the Goodreads Group discussing Boomer Lit has just set up its own Facebook community page, take a look, click here."Like" it, make comments, join the debate about boomer lit, share your views, tell your friends about it! This is the go-to page to get all the latest information about boomer lit, a hot new genre. The Goodreads Group grew to 200 members in the three months since its creation, now it got 103 likes on its Facebook page in just 24 hours, a record! (see screenshot above).

I can hear you yawn, oh no, not another page on Facebook!

Why bother, what's different about this page? Maybe you're not even a boomer (i.e. someone born between 1946 and 1964), so why should you care?

Well, I think you should care.

First, boomer literature raises inter-generational issues: as such, it's of interest to anyone, young or old. Now that you're an adult yourself, how do you get along with your Mom and Dad? An…

Is the UK Headed for Exit from the European Union?

Cameron's discourse yesterday announcing that he will seek to renegotiate the European Treaties with a view to make them more "flexible" - read: in line with UK national interests - is something close to political blackmail. He claims he believes in Europe, but who can believe him?

I shall just post two lines here to indicate my own reaction as a Europeancitizen committed to the creation of a European Union.

One, I'm horrified at the chauvinistic, nationalistic tone: he and his Conservative Party are straight out of the darkest pseudo-patriotic years of European History.This denial of European values is the kind of mentality that has caused the two World Wars. As long asBritannia Rules the Waves for the British, Europe has no chance.

A real throwback to a darker age. 

The UK wants access to the lucrative European market (500 million people!) but will not give up anything in return to get access. 

It's all take and no give. 

This attitude is all the more remarkable that…

Unemployment: When Will It Go Away?

Unemployment is a nightmare for everyone: Generation X that can't find a job in line with their studies and training, a nightmare for those baby boomers who have lost their mid-career job and can't find another one at all or one paying at the same level.

Unemployment can turn ugly, a battle between generations:

Recently I read a letter from a reader of the Italian magazine L'Espresso that was directed to journalist and author Stefania Rossini, one of the magazine's advice columnists, herself clearly a baby boomer. Signed Costanza Altobelli,  the letter was bitter. Titled, "I am the daughter of an egocentric generation", she said she was 29, a Political Science graduate specialized in international relations, conversant in three languages, in principle destined to a good, perhaps even prestigious job in some international organization. Instead, here she was sitting at home, unwilling to work in a call center as so many of her friends did, while her parents rumin…

More About Baby Boomer Books and Why it's a Fast Growing Genre

Boomer literature is spreading on the Net, and following in the footsteps of the Passive Voice, I'll pick up the more important blog posts as they come up. Here is one (just published on January 14, 2013) from Abigail Padgett, author of two acclaimed series of mysteries, including Bone Blind . Her one Baby Boomer novel is The Paper Doll Museum (I highly recommend it!)

Here it is:

Baby Boomer Books

Oh joy, a controversy!  78 million people now comprise, and millions more are close to, a demographic category several million others wish would just shut up.  The 78 million-plus are Baby Boomers.  Late forties and up.  The third stage of life.  Some Boomers are insisting that third-stage experience will give rise to its own literary genre, while detractors are certain that nothing interesting can possibly happen after 46 and thus no literature can emerge from the Boomer demographic.  Stories, after all, require conflict, drama, interesting stuff about which to write.  Hmmm.

All literature …

Boomer Literature: What it is and Why it's Growing

Boomer Literature, or baby boomer novels, are suddenly the talk of the town. Starting in December 2012, the blogosphere picked up the story, and the birth of boomer literature was being discussed and widely commented on many heavily trafficked websites, including Boomer Café, The Passive Voice, The Kindle Nation Daily, Digital Book Today, Indies Unlimited, VentureGalleries, Gawker Media.

You'd think the publishing industry would be the first to take note that a new genre was burgeoning, yet that is not the way it happened:  Hollywood preceded publishing. Perhaps that's the nature of the beast: Hollywood has access to a much larger public (people who view films) than the publishing industry (people who read). Therefore, new trends in the general public, new tastes, new interests emerge first at the level of movies, before they are reflected in book sales.
In any case, film directors were the first to take the plunge and aim movies at a silver-haired audience, taking, as is often …